Monday, 12 March 2012

DX & DXDS Swimmers Take Counties By Storm

Swimming for their home clubs, Derventio eXcel and the DX development squad swimmers showed their class during the County Championships at Matlock and Chesterfield held over the last 2 weekends.  PB after PB, medal after medal, trophy after trophy the Derbyshire Performance Squad yet again proves that the quality of coaching and high standards set bread success.  A more comprehensive report on our swimmers successes will follow later in the week.......

Derventio now have 24 2012 National Qualifiers with 60 qualifying swims amongst them and surely more to come.  Lets go DX!!!!

1 Hannah Jones 100m/200m Fly
2 Jodie Hawksworth 50m/100m/200m Breaststroke
3 Sarah Vasey 50m/100m/200m Breaststroke
4 Molly Renshaw 50m/100m/200m Breaststroke, 200m/400m IM
5 Kane Haggett 50m/100m Freestyle, 50m Backstroke, 50m Fly
6 Abbie Wood 100m/200m Breaststroke,100m/200m Fly, 200m IM/400m IM
7 Kevin Wallbank 100m/200m Fly, 200m IM
8 James Latham 100m/200m Breaststroke, 200m IM
9 Lucy Wood 100m/200m Backstroke
10 Kay Goulden 100m/200m Fly
11 Ben Goodall 400m/1500m Freestyle, 200m Fly, 400m IM
12 Dylan Tomkinson 100m/200m Breaststroke, 400m IM
13 Fran Marshall 50m Freestyle
14 Kathryn Roworth 100m/200m Backstroke
15 Danny Anderson 50m/100m/200m Breaststroke
16 Chloe Johnson 200m Backstroke
17 Eve Farnsworth 100m/200m Backstroke
18 Tyler-Anne Black 50m Freestyle
19 Imogen Clark 100m Breaststroke
20 Harry Webster 200m Breaststroke
21 Matthew Smithurst 200m IM
22 Josh Booth* 100m/200m Backstroke
23 Zichen Liu* 100m/200m Backstroke
24 Chris Steeples* 50m/100m/200m Breaststroke

* Competing for university/school at National Championships

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