Sunday, 11 March 2012

Tanner sticks to his word

Derventio coach Mark Tanner stuck to his word honouring a bet made with Derventio head coach Andi Manley. The pair realising they were leading an extremely unhealthy lifestyle heading into the winter months decided to zone in and get fit. The pair weighed in during the autumn and agreed the loser at the Christmas weigh in had to swim 400IM at the Derbyshire County Champs. Tanner lost by the closest of margins subjecting himself to 5 minutes of pain. Tanner turned in a respectable time of 5.28.41 winning the 20 years and over Catagory. 

Before, taking the weight off his feet

After, can't get on his feet

Looking steady on the blocks

 Good technique, if a little slow

  Pain starting to show

  Wishing he'd trained more 

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