Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Midland Youth Championships 2012

Derventio eXcel Youth and Senior swimmers were out in force at the recent Midland Youth Championships.The 18 strong team had a range of events between them, some swimming their best events, some swimming a wide range of events and some swimming their development events. All swimmers swam tough in a hard part of the season and were by far the most vocal in their support of each other in all of the finals sessions.

DX Girls showed a formidable force in the Medley relay events where the 1st and 2nd team took Gold and Silver, showing the quality of strength and depth the squad has on all 4 strokes. Along with this Jodie Hawksworth playing with the field in the heats (50m and 100m) and Molly Renshaw (200m) between them took GOLD in all 3 breaststroke distances, and Molly went onto medal in the medley events also. Teammate Fran Marshall took Gold in the sprint free events (50m and 100m), whilst Fly specialist Hannah Jones took medals in both 100m and 200m Fly. Whilst Eve Farnsworth took Bronze in the sprint Backstroke event narrowly missing Gold.

DX Boys were also on form with James Latham winning medals in all 3 Breaststroke events and a swift bronze medal in the 50m Free, where Mischa Menzies joined him on the podium taking silver. Kevin Wallbank won a host of medals showing his dominance in the Fly taking 2 Gold (50m and 200m) and a Bronze (100m) in the Fly events and Silver in the 200m I.M and 400m I.M.

Along with this Senior swimmers Kane Haggett (3rd and 4th) and Danny Anderson (5th and 6th) competed in the Senior finals.

DX won 10 Gold Medals, 10 Silver medals, 5 Bronze medals.

DX Gold medal winners were:
Girls 4 x 100m Medley Relay (Eve Farnsworth, Jodie Hawksworth, Hannah Jones, Fran Marshall)
Jodie Hawksworth - 100m Breaststroke
Kevin Wallbank - 200m Fly
Fran Marshall - 50m Free
Kevin Wallbank - 50m Fly
Jodie Hawksworth - 50m Breaststroke
James Latham - 100m Breaststroke
Molly Renshaw - 200m I.M
Fran Marshall - 100m Free
Molly Renshaw - 200m Breaststroke

Silver Medal winners were:

Girls 4 x 100m Free Team ( Tyler-Ann Black, Fran Marshall, Molly Renshaw and Eve Farnsworth)
Boys 4 x 200m Free Team (Mischa Menzies, Ben Goodall, James Latham, Kevin Wallbank)
Girls 4 x 100m Medley Team (Lucy Wood, Molly Renshaw, Tyler-Ann Black, Jess Cross)
James Latham - 50m Breaststroke
Kevin Wallbank - 200m I.M
Molly Renshaw - 400m I.M
Mischa Menzies - 100m Free
Hannah Jones - 200m Fly
Kevin Wallbank - 400m I.M
Mischa Menzies - 50m Free

Bronze medal winners were:

Hannah Jones - 100m Fly
Eve Farnsworth - 50m Back
James Latham - 200m Breaststroke
James Latham - 50m Free
Kevin Wallbank - 100m Fly

Finalists were:

Harry Webster
Tyler-Ann BlackMatt Smithurst
Danny Anderson
Jess Cross - who had 4 finals in 1 session, the most of any swimmer swimming tough races throughout.
Kane Haggett (who took third place in the Men's 100m Free from Senior Ages)
Chloe Johnson

Derventio swimmer and birthday girl Molly Renshaw also won the trophy for TOP 15/16 year old girl performance for her win in the 200m Breaststroke.

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