Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Derbyshire Sport Podium Funding

12 Derventio eXcel swimmers have been awarded Podium funding for 2013 from Derbyshire Sport.

Podium is a bursary scheme designed to support Derbyshire's emerging sports stars. Launched in December 2007, as the Derbyshire Talented Athlete Fund, 76 performers across all sports each received a bursary to help them make the most of their talent. This increased to 108 athletes in 2009, 109 athletes in 2010, 159 athletes in 2011 and a total of 187 athletes in 2012.
Managed by Derbyshire Sport, bursaries are awarded to performers who are competing for England or Great Britain or are part of a recognised national development squad or development squad aligned to a professional sports club.
The aim is to help emerging sports stars who, while perhaps receiving support from club or governing body structures, are currently receiving limited support from partners within Derbyshire. Performers from all sports recognised by Sport England are eligible.
Derbyshire Sport director David Joy said: "We hope that when our sports performers achieve international success, they will be able to reflect positively on their journey and remember that the Derbyshire community recognised their talent and supported them in achieving their goals."
The succesful swimmers are:
Jamie Ingram (Ripley)
Elle Pryce (Long Eaton)
Hannah Jones (Long Eaton)
Kevin Wallbank (Long Eaton)
Lewis White (Swadlincote)
Imogen Clark (Rykneld)
Sarah Vasey (Derby)
Abbie Wood (Buxton)
Molly Renshaw (Ripley)
Ben Goodall (Belper)
Kane Haggett (Derby)
Chris Steeples (Etwall)

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