Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Miami - Day 4 (New Years Eve)

Best weather so far with the sun shining all day and the temperature in the high 20's and so the swimmers were applying plenty of sun cream.

The day started with a core and weights circuit in the gym followed by a recovery and stroke efficiency session in the pool. A long stretch and roll in the sun took us through to lunchtime.

With the rest of the day free, most swimmers took the opportunity to rest and relax in their rooms.

Matt however, was still trying to find somewhere that would exchange his £ into $ - without success though and so we resorted to visiting a drive through ATM to lend him some for the duration of the camp.

Jodie, Molly and Danny had an ice bath (not together!) to aid recovery which they felt helped a lot and is something we will continue to use over the coming 9 days.

And so onto New Years Eve itself which ultimately turned out to be an early night for us all! The girls got into their fancy dress and headed out with Tracie along the beach much to the amusement of many locals. With the option of staying up/out until midnight on offer, all 10 swimmers made a "Champions Choice" and headed off to bed to catch some much needed zzzzzzzzz.

Photos to follow.

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